These days, programming languages are becoming more and more general and all-purpose, but they still have their specializations, and each language has its disadvantages and advantages. What we work on
SQL  Server, MySQL, InterBase, Oracle, MS  Access
Crystal Report, Rave Reports, ReportSmith
Front End

    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
    Oracle Data Bases
    Data Base Design
    Online Data Bases
    Visual Basic (VB) Programming
    Java scripting
    MySQL Databases
Delphi, Visual Basic, Powerbuilder, Oracle, D2K and Power Objects RDBMS & DBMS .
    Data Base Production
    C, C++ Languages
    Web Research Services
    Internet Research & Analysis
    Email Processing
    VB .Net Programming

Our team is skilled in using many tools, programs and utilities
C,  C++, Java, Object Pascal, php, C-SDK Programming, Windows Server, Novel NetWare OS

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